Animal Control Policy

Policy Number: OCP 200-13

Reference: RCW 49.60.040(23) and (24), and 34.05.482 through 494, WAC 132C-10-041

I. This section governs the control of pets and other animals on and in all campuses and buildings owned or controlled by Olympic College.

II. Except as provided herein, no person may bring an animal into a building owned or controlled by the College. This provision shall not apply to or prohibit a service animal as defined under RCW 49.60.040(23) and (24), an animal under the control of a law enforcement officer, or an animal authorized by the College for educational purposes.

III. Animals are permitted on the campus grounds only when under the direct control of their owners or keepers. Direct control for this purpose means control by means of a leash, cage, bridle, or other restraining device held by the owner or keeper, except that reasonable modifications of this provision may be made to accommodate a service animal.

IV. No animal whether on the campus grounds or in a College building, shall be permitted to run at large, to disrupt the College's programs or activities, or to pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

V. Any violation of this section will be cause for removal of the violator and/or animal from campus and/or disciplinary action against the violator. An animal found in violation of this section may also be subject to impoundment under city or county animal control ordinances. Violations may be reported to campus security; however, community support is urged in reminding pet owners of their obligation if a violation is observed by a community member.

VI. A student or employee who is responsible for an animal that is repeatedly in violation of this section may be subject to the disciplinary proceedings appropriate to his or her status. Visitors to campus who are responsible for an animal that repeatedly fails to comply with this section may be subject to legal process.

VII. Brief adjudicative proceedings under RCW 34.05.482 through 34.05.494, shall be used in all matters relating to the College's enforcement of this section.

  • Recommended by Candace Alvarez - Pres. College Council
  • Submitted to President's Cabinet for Review 09/25/2007
  • Approved by President 09/25/2007
  • Submitted to Board of Trustees 09/25/2007
  • Approved by Board of Trustees 01/29/2008
  • Published in Washington Administrative Code 03/02/3008

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