Apply for Scholarships!

Apply for Scholarships!

Our students are awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships annually from a variety of organizations including the Olympic College Foundation. Some scholarships are awarded based on merit (grades, achievement), while others are awarded based on need.

OC Foundation Scholarships


Contact the Welcome Center for more info on grant funding.

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UW Tacoma Next Step Scholarship

Now Accepting Applications!

The Next Step Scholarship awards $4,000 annually to a Puget Sound area community college students for two academic years at UW Tacoma. 

Application deadline is March 31

Olympic College Foundation Scholarships

The Olympic College Foundation awards scholarships each year based on a wide variety of criteria set by donors including financial need, academic merit, community service, and areas of study. Visit the OC Foundation website to find out more! 

Scholarships exclusively available to OC students

Average Award Per Scholarship

Amount Awarded Annually to OC Students

Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships offered by the OC Foundation, there are many different scholarship opportunities offered by outside donors and agencies. Please note, the outside scholarships listed are intended for those seeking additional aid at any institution, not just OC. Due to this, some scholarships listed may have eligibility requirements that do not necessarily pertain specifically to OC students. Outside scholarships are labeled with the following categories:

  • Local Area Scholarships (LA)
  • Military Member Scholarships (MIL)
  • Nationwide Scholarships (NW)
  • Statewide Scholarships (SW)

Outside Scholarships