About Blended

About Blended

Established by students and faculty, Blended is an annual journal that offers students an opportunity for recognition and publication. We accept submissions year-round. Submit via the Blended Submission Form.

We value pieces that showcase, interrogate, collaborate with, and bedevil your artistic and intellectual camps. We value the emotive truths of your diverse experiences and the ordered chaos of your budding scholarship. We call for quality. We call for works that call back.

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Faculty Advisors: Christina Camarena & Candice Morrow

Questions? Contact us at @email.

Call For Submissions

Submit by February 14th to be considered for this year's issue!

Cash prizes are awarded to best in genre.

Read the Spring 2022 Issue

Read the Spring 2022 Issue

Spring 2022 Featured Artist: Margarita Wiggins
Listen to Margarita's song, "So?"

The Spring 2022 issue of Blended is out now! Print copies are available on campus. 

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The winners of this year's Blended contest are:


  • 1st place: “Song of the Ocean” by Miranda Jorgens

  • 2nd place: “A Smattering of Memories” by Erin Evans


  • 1st place: “Matchsticks” by Lillianna Jensen

  • 2nd place: “Everyone’s Waste” by Roberto O’Keefe


  • 1st place: “So?” – original music written and performed by Margarita Wiggins

  • 2nd place: “Reaching Out” – artwork by Hanna Harris

Honorable Mentions

  • “Eternal Rest” by Claire Caldwell

  • “Mr. Bear” by Mai Otsu

  • “Untitled Painting” by Lily Howton

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