Our Mission

Our Mission

The Student Government of Olympic College exists to provide students with meaningful learning experiences that complement classroom learning, refine and teach life skills, develop students as productive citizens, and enrich student life. Our hope is that students who participate in these experiences will learn to communicate effectively, be productive team members, become aware of civic responsibility, and be able to live peacefully in a diverse world.

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Who We Are & What We Do

We, the students of Olympic College, recognize the need for self-representation to initiate and promote student involvement in matters of importance to the student body. The SGOC acts as the democratic voice of students and engages the campus community through programming, services and advocacy in accordance with the college mission of empowerment and equity through education.

The SGOC is made up of:

  • The Executive Council, whose members include: President, Vice President, Director of Finance & Operations, Director of Clubs & Student Life and Director of Public Relations & Communications.
  • The Student Senate, whose members represent various constituencies from the Olympic College community.
  • The Club Congress, made up of representatives from each Olympic College chartered club who vote on their club's behalf.

Constitution & By-laws of SGOC

Functions & Activities of the SGOC

Why Join SGOC?

Four students in a hallway together.

Why Join SGOC?

Interested in becoming a student leader? You'll work with a great team to enhance the experience of all students in the Olympic College community. You'll learn valuable skills and get paid for your service. Here are the top five things you'll gain as a member of SGOC.

  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Real World Experience
  • $$$$

Student Leadership Opportunities

SGOC Advisor, Locations & Contacts

SGOC receives support from the faculty advisor and program coordinator, Malikah Campbell. SGOC has a presence on all three Olympic College campuses, including the main campus in Bremerton, and in Poulsbo and Shelton.

Matthew Fee
Matthew Fee
SGOC Director of Clubs & Student Life
Student Government of Olympic College (SGOC)