About Learning Communities

About Learning Communities

Learning Communities offer students a great way to learn and to connect with other students. As a student in a learning community, you will be part of a group of students in courses that are “linked.” Your professors work together to help you make connections among the courses, which will often share a common theme, problem, and/or public issue.

For example, an Earth Science course might be linked with an Ethnic Studies course to help students explore relationships between the geology of a particular place and the people who have inhabited that place over time.


Civic Engagement collage

Enroll in Learning to Call BS!

Learning to Call BS: Fighting Misinformation is a new Learning Community, where students co-enroll in two classes and get the benefit of having two instructors. Enroll in MATH&146: Introduction to Statistics and LIB-R 210: Fighting Misinformation. 

Note: student must enroll in both classes concurrently.

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Fall 2023

Learning to Call BS: Fighting Misinformation
  • MATH&146: Introduction to Statistics and LIB-R 210: Fighting Misinformation

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