Olympic College Equity Statement

Equity in education is realized when we...

  • Prevent and remove barriers for groups of students with histories of exclusion, discrimination, and marginalization
  • Achieve equal educational outcomes for historically marginalized groups relative to their peers
  • Lead with racial equity to maximize student potential across all social identities, including race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, gender identity, ability, age, national origin, citizenship, and religion
  • Maintain a culture of belonging that advances racial, social and economic justice in service to our diverse communities

Equity Events

Equity Events

At Olympic College, we know that events outside the classroom are an important part of your education. Each quarter, we host numerous events and activities that help build a strong community where students feel welcome and supported. We hope you will engage in our campus community at an upcoming event.

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Upcoming Events

There are currently no events scheduled.

Programs & Services

Olympic College is committed to ensuring equitable access and outcomes for all programs and services we provide. Click a tile to learn about the equity-centered programming we offer. 

Equity Toolkit

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Equity Toolkit

The Equity Toolkit provides a wealth of resources that shine a light on the complexity, nuance, and importance of the topics covered. The toolkit includes: 

  • Glossary of Terms
  • Reentry Support
  • Racial Justice books and websites

Equity Toolkit

More Information

Media Coverage

Presidential Equity & Excellence Lecture Series

 The first lecture, on Jan. 11 2017, featured Civil Rights activist, scholar and author Angela Davis, and was attended by more than 800 from the community and generated significant media coverage: 

The second lecture, featuring University of Illinois African American studies professor Dr. Barbara Ransby, was held at Bremerton's historic Admiral Theater. 

Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dr. James Estrella

Dr. James Estrella

Interim Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion James Estrella has served as a faculty member in English, and American Ethnic & Gender Studies since 2014. During his time at Olympic College, he has collaborated with Multicultural Services to develop a co-curriculum around diversity and leadership. He continues to collaborate with various stakeholders to support integrated learning and the diversity and social justice general education requirement. He also supports and collaborates with grassroots organizations in Tacoma around mental health outcomes for veterans and queer communities of color, co-developing a curriculum from the standpoint of community stakeholders. He is a first-generation college graduate who was supported by the cultural wealth stemming from his community and kin as a queer Chicano with working-class origins. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English (University of Chicago), a master’s in special education (Loyola Marymount University), a master’s in social work (University of Washington), and a doctorate in Modern Thought & Literature with emphases in ethnic and queer studies (Stanford University).