Career & Technical Education

What is CTE

What is CTE

Career & Technical Educate (CTE) is a cooperative effort between K-12 schools, Olympic College and business, and labor communities. CTE empowers high school students to pursue what they are passionate about while still in high school at a substantial cost savings.

How does it work?

CTE Dual Credit courses align Career & Technical Education classes at the high school with Professional-Technical courses taught at Olympic College, creating opportunities for students to earn both high school credits for graduation while earning college credits.

Olympic College supports opportunities for students who want to take CTE Dual Credit classes, high schools that want to offer CTE Dual Credit classes, and industry professionals who want to teach CTE Dual Credit classes. Click a tile below to find out more.

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The CTE Advantage

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The CTE Advantage

There are numerous reasons why CTE is a fantastic option for high school students. Here are just a few: 

  • Available to ALL high school students with no costs involved.
  • Accessible to ALL students with no transportation required.
  • Allows students to start earning credit towards a professional or technical degree program while in high school.