Residency for Military-Connected Students

Active Duty members of the military living in Washington and members of the Washington National Guard and their dependents, and Veterans and eligible family members may qualify to pay resident tuition. The following categories qualify for Washington state residency and in-state tuition and fees: 


To qualify for Washington residency and in-state tuition and fees, military-connected students must provide the following documentation: 

  • Download and submit the completed Residency Questionnaire
  • Documentation that Washington is the service members home of record (L.E.S. – Leave and Earnings Statement)
  • Copy of your current military orders
  • A copy of your military ID card (front only)
  • Provide at least two of the following:
    • Current Washington state driver’s license
    • Washington voter’s registration
    • Current Washington vehicle registration
    • Ownership of Washington property
    • Storage of property in Washington

More Info

For help and assistance, contact Olympic College Military & Veteran Programs.

Military & Veteran Programs

For more info on Washington residency for military-connected students, visit the Washington Student Achievement Council Student Residency webpage.