Students can add and drop classes using the ctcLink Student Homepage before the start of each quarter without impacting your grades and tuition costs. 

Adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes once the quarter begins can impact your grades, tuition owed and refund for dropped classes.

For more info, visit our Important Academic Dates & Deadlines webpage.

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How to Add & Drop Classes

How to Add & Drop Classes

Before classes start

Before the start of the academic term, you can add, drop or completely withdrawal from your classes in using the ctcLink Student Homepage

After classes start

It is important to be aware of add/drop dates which can affect the amount of your refund and grading for courses you enrolled in. 

Withdrawal & Attendance Requirements

How to Withdraw from Classes

You may withdraw from classes using your ctcLink Student Homepage during the first ten days of the term with no grade reported. After that date, please follow the guidelines below.

  • Note the dates for 100% refund for withdrawal and 50% refund for withdrawal. If you complete your withdrawal prior to these dates, you will be able to receive the above refunds. These dates are available on the academic calendar.
  • Submit an email to @email requesting withdrawal from the class, or join the Student Services Virtual Office. Please include your email:
    • Name
    • ctcLink Student ID
    • Class name and number 
  • Students may drop a course subject to the grade deadlines on the academic calendar:
    • No grade reported (usually within the first ten days of the term). Please see the calendar for official dates.
    • With a "W" withdrawal grade. This date is part way through the term. Please see the calendar for official dates.
  • After the last date to drop with a “W” grade, please contact Registration & Records for additional information, or by joining the Student Services Virtual Office.

Exception: Early or late start classes and Open Ended Enrollment classes may have different deadline dates. Contact registration for details.

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