Establishing the appropriate starting points for sciences, engineering and mathematics (SEM) classes is important to your success as a student. There are several options for determining your placement and if you've completed prerequisites for a sequence of courses. See below for more info, or submit the SEM Prerequisite Review form now. 

SEM Form


Placement is the process of determining the appropriate starting point in a given subject for incoming new or returning students. For more information, visit the Placement webpage. 

Placement Webpage


Once you’ve established your starting point, you may need to complete prerequisites before progressing to the next class in the sequence. 

There are several options for determining if you've met prerequisites. See below for more information or submit the Science, Engineering & Math (SEM) Review Form. 

Note: the SEM form is active from one week before registration until the third day of the term. 

SEM Form

SEM Placement & Prerequisite Options


  1. Math instructors strictly enforce math course prerequisites to help ensure student success. Individual math faculty do not give out access codes for math classes. Students work with a Success Coach to determine which placement method is best suited for their situation and to determine the Math Pathway which best supports their educational goals.
  2. Students may submit assessment scores taken at other colleges within the past two years, or an appropriate grade in the prerequisite course. 
  3. Unofficial Transcript submission required. 
  4. Olympic College email address and password required to access form. 
  5. Allow three-to-five business days processing time. 
  6. You will be notified of the determination of your request via email. 

Visit the Math Placement & Prerequisite Policies webpage for more info. 

Math Placement & Prerequisites