Parking at Olympic College

Parking at Olympic College

Olympic College offers parking on all three of its campuses. Learn more about parking, obtaining a parking pass, and paying parking citations.

Purchase a Parking Pass View/Pay/Appeal a Citation

Buy Your Parking Pass Online

Buy Your Parking Pass Online

Olympic College has an automated system that allows you to purchase a parking pass online. 

You will need the following information to complete your purchase:

  • Students: Full name; student ID number; vehicle year, make, color, and license plate number
  • Faculty/staff: Full name; employee ID number; vehicle year, make, color, and license plate number
    • Note: Faculty/staff payroll deduction is no longer available

Purchase Parking Pass

Parking Fees

Parking Fees


  • Included as part of $20 security enhancement fee each quarter

Full-time Employees

  • $50 per year
  • $20 per additional vehicle (no more than two)

Part-time Employees

  • $15 per year

Parking Policies

Citations & Fines

Citations & Fines

Pay Your FineOC parking pass online

Use OC parking pass online to review the status of a parking citation, or contest (appeal) a parking ticket. All citation appeals are done via the online process.

Violation Fine
No Permit $10
No Parking Zone $25
Occupying More Than One Space $10
No Back-In Parking $10
Blocking Traffic $25
Violation of Visitor Parking $10
Carpool Violation $25
Unauthorized Parking in Handicapped / Accessible Stall $50
Parking in Fire Lane $50
Parking in Employee Lot $25
Miscellaneous $10
A screenshot of OC's parking map

Parking Locations

See our campus maps for parking locations.

Parking FAQs