In response to diverse student needs, the Mathematics Department provides a broad curriculum, varied instructional approaches, and supportive resources to help students learn mathematics. We foster success in learning and the value of achievement in mathematics, as well as the relevance, usefulness, appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics.

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Prospective new students contact the Welcome Center for one-on-one help applying to Olympic College.

Current and returning students contact the Advising Center to connect with a Student Success Coach or your Faculty Advisor.

Academic Programs

Whether you are just starting out and building your skills, or pursuing a degree in Mathematics or STEM, Olympic College has programs to help you achieve your goals. Select a program below to find out more.

Browse Mathematics Classes

From pre-algebra courses through Calculus 4 and Linear Algebra, Olympic College offers the classes you need. Browse all of the mathematics classes we offer in the Olympic College Catalog. The types of mathematics classes available include: 

  • Brief Review, Study Skills and Assessment for Math Placement
  • Emporium self-paced Pre-Algebra and Algebra
  • Integrated co-requisite Intermediate Algebra
  • Pre-calculus Algebra and Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • And more...

Placement & Prerequisites

Establishing the appropriate math starting point is important to your success as a student. There are several options available to you for determining your math placement, including: 

  • Assessment Testing
  • Transcript Review
  • Advance Placement Score Review

Alternatively, enroll in Math 95, a 3-credit course that includes study methods, individualized mathematics review and instruction, and placement testing.

Many classes also require the completion of prerequisites before enrolling. 

Visit the Math Placement & Prerequisite webpage for more info or submit the Placement & Prerequisite form to review your transcripts/AP scores.

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Resources & Information

Calculator Lending

TI-84+ calculators are available each quarter, but we request that you check with your instructor first to see if you need the graphing calculator.

Graphing technology is required for Math 141, 142, 147, and 148. Graphing calculators are also beneficial to physics and engineering students. 

Calculators are available on a first-come, first-served basis during the first week of the quarter. 

Calculator Pickup

Calculators can be picked up at the Math, Engineering, Science & Health Division (MESH) office at the Bremerton Campus, or delivered to the Poulsbo or Shelton campus Student Services office for pick up. Contact the MESH Division office to make arrangements. 

Calculator Return

Calculators should be returned to the MESH Division office after your finals at the end of the quarter. Students at the Poulsbo and Shelton campuses can return your rental calculators to the branch campus Student Services Office.

For more info, visit the calculator lending webpage. 

Calculator Lending

Transfer & Career Info

Faculty Advisors

Every student is assigned an advising team consisting of your Student Success Coach and Faculty Advisor, which is determined once you decide on your specific academic program. The following professors are Faculty Advisors for Mathematics. 

Mathematics Department Faculty

Myong Stinson
Full-Time Faculty
Mathematics, Engineering, Sciences, & Health (MESH) Division

Academic Division

Mathematics is part of the Math, Engineering, Sciences & Health Division (MESH). Visit the MESH Division webpage for more info, including support resources and services, and contact info for division staff and the dean. The MESH Division can connect you with: 

  • Advising
  • Book lending and calculator rental
  • Tutoring
  • Support for first-generation and historically underserved populations