Planning the route to your degree or certificate is a dynamic process that you’ll revisit regularly with the help of your faculty advisor to make sure you’re on track to graduate. We recommend you meet at least quarterly with your advisor or student success coach. 

For assistance planning your degree, schedule an appointment with your Success Coach or Faculty Advisor and see below for information and instructions.

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Degree Planning Resources

My Academic Plan
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My Academic Plan or MAP is a tool to help you plan out the classes you need to take to finish your degree. It’s a “road map” to help you stay on track to complete your program, giving you a quarter-by-quarter calendar to see how long it will take to graduate. 

We highly recommend that you work closely with your Student Success Coach or Faculty Advisor to create your academic plan. Together, you will create your plan looking at OC's degree requirements, your interests, and the admissions requirements of your intended transfer institution, if applicable.

Start Your MAP

MAP Steps

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Review degree requirements and course descriptions in the Olympic College catalog.

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Attend an information session for the program you’re interested in.

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Review degree planning resources and forms in the library below.

Additionally, review program admissions requirements for your intended transfer institution. 

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Make an appointment with your Success Coach or Faculty Advisor to review, revise and refine your MAP.