You must officially withdrawal from your courses to receive a partial or full Refund. You can withdrawal in person by submitting an add/drop form to Registration & Records, or online using the ctcLink Student Homepage. In order to expedite your refund, please contact the Cashier's office at 360-475-7181.

For credit classes

Students may add/drop classes in person at the Welcome Center, using the Online Registration Form. Date restrictions apply and are listed below. Refunds may be made for tuition, operating fees, and special fees unless listed as non-refundable.

  • 100% refund prior to the 5th day of the quarter
  • 50% refund 6th through the 20th day of the quarter

If requesting a refund of tuition outside the Official Refund Period listed above complete Registrar/Cashier Petition Form.

See quarterly academic calendar for actual refund dates.

Refunds are prorated for classes less than 13 weeks in length.

For Continuing Education zero credit classes

  • 100% - classes and workshops cancelled by Olympic College
  • 100% - withdrawal through five days prior to class start date
  • 90% - withdrawal four days through one day prior to class start date
  • 0% - withdrawal as of class start date

Transfers to other Continuing Education classes five days prior to class start date are allowed.

Time to allow for refund

  • Check, Cash or Debit: the refund will be made in the form of a check.
  • Credit Card: If you paid using the ctcLink Student Homepage, the refund will be made in the form of a credit back to the charge card. If you paid via credit card in person or over the phone, the refund will be made in the form of a check.

Note: Olympic College reserves the right to amend the refund procedures within the limits of RCW 28B.15.605.