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Olympic College offers chemistry courses ranging from preparatory courses, to courses suitable for Allied Health majors, to both inorganic and organic courses suitable for students planning transfers to four year institutions.

Chemistry is the science which studies matter, its properties and composition, and the laws that govern the formation of matter from the basic elements. The breadth of the subject area is enormous and chemists can be found working on such diverse problems as the development of new plastics and fibers, drug preparation, pollution control, the isolation and identification of plant and insect hormones, medical research, nuclear chemistry, and the analysis of geological materials. Additionally, medical, engineering, pharmacy, veterinary, biochemistry, nursing and environmental sciences degrees require varying levels of knowledge of chemistry. 

For up-to-date information, go to http://www.onetonline.org/ and simply enter the job title in Occupation Search field.

Current wage information can be found for each career option. After finding the career option in O*NET OnLine, click on Wages & Employment, click Local Salary Info, select Washington, and click Go.

Chemistry Placement Testing

  1. Please see our Assessment and Testing services page for more information on placement testing for CHEM& 139. Download the information sheet here! You may only take this test once.
  2. Chemistry131 Placement testing  - CHEM& 131 testing times are by appointment only:
  3. Testing is offered in the Testing Center in the HSS building, room 222. Go to the cashier and pay $10 and take the receipt to the Testing Center to take the test. Please bring a pencil, calculator and scratch paper. 
  4. CHEM& 131 is needed to place into BIOL& 241 Information is here for downloading. (PDF)

You must have completed CHEM& 121 before you can take this test. The prerequisite for CHEM& 121 is Math 99 with a 2.0 or better. Also, you can only take this test once.

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