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Winter Sports Awards Announced

Olympic College Women's Basketball
Thursday, April 13, 2017

Women’s Basketball

The Lady Rangers finished their season with a loss to Bellevue 58-48.  They ended their season 9-15 overall, 3-11 in the North.  Taylor Sunkel led the team with 19.93 points per game, followed by Diamond Carter with 8.96.  Zyriana Davies led the team in rebounds with 8.07 rebounds per game.  Head Coach Dave Hawkins described “Z” as a “versatile defender who could guard a wing out on the perimeter or a post down low.”  Davies was named the team MVP.

Libby Borgonia led the team with 56 steals, putting her 12th in the NWAC.  She was named the team defensive MVP as she “was often called upon to lock down the opposition’s best ball handler,” shares Hawkins, “She was rarely beaten off the dribble.”

Alyson Chandler was a “team leader and someone the team looked to for inspiration,” says Hawkins and was voted by her team for the Player’s Award.  Chandler finished 15th in the conference for 3-point field goals, going 41/113 for a 36.3% shooting percentage.    

Diamond Carter, Alyson Chandler, and Jewel Johnson were given the NWAC Winter Academic Excellence Award for outstanding work in the classroom. 

Hawkins believes the foundation has been laid for success in the future.  “It was an up and down year,” he shares, “I think we had hope of having a better season than we did, but like many teams, injuries kind of set us back and then made it hard to overcome the hole we had put ourselves in. The team played hard throughout the season and continued to get better until the end. This was a fun team to coach and a good team to help build for the future.”

Men’s Basketball

Men’s Basketball finished their season with a 76-56 win over Bellevue.  The team finished 7-20 overall and 4-10 in the North.  The team leader according to head coach Craig Murray was Juwan Flowers, who led the team in points per game (15.8), assists (88—7th in the NWAC), and steals (44—8th in the NWAC).  Flowers was named 2nd Team All-North Region and to the All-North Defensive Team. 

Noah Spearman led the team in rebounds (237) and blocks (28).  Spearman was named the team’s most inspirational player.  Murray explains that Spearman’s “energy and effort every practice and game was second to none.”  Spearman’s rebound numbers put him 9th overall in the NWAC; he was 17th overall for blocks. 

Micah Simmons was second in team rebounds and the team’s “defensive stopper” according to Murray, “His task during games was to stop the other team’s top offensive player.”  He received the team’s defensive award. 

“This team competed every night we played and we have started a new culture of basketball here at OC,” shared Murray, “We were proud to coach this team.”