The Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership & Technical Management (BAS OLTM) program prepares students for leadership roles in private, public and nonprofit organizations. The program is designed to enroll students with a range of professional-technical associate degrees, and a diverse set of work experiences and goals. The curriculum will address knowledge, skills, and abilities in areas such as leadership theory, supervisory communications, project and operations management, occupational safety, conflict resolution, change and diversity management, and business law.


What is an Applied Bachelor’s Degree?

Applied bachelor’s degrees fill skills gaps in practical, market-driven fields where job requirements have advanced beyond the associate degree level. They add junior and senior levels to two-year professional technical education. Students build upon their already valuable two-year degrees to land higher-paying jobs and promotions, while employers get rounded skill sets they seek in bachelor’s degrees.

OLTM Info Sessions

While not required, we strongly urge students interested in the BAS OLTM program to attend an information session with program faculty and staff. 

No RSVP is needed, but feel free to email the BAS OLTM Faculty, Bonnie Adams, to let us know you're coming, or to set up an individual appointment: badams@olympic.edu.

Please visit the Information Session Schedule to see upcoming dates and times.  

Is the class schedule flexible?

BAS OLTM students come from diverse backgrounds, with varied education, skills, and experience. Our class schedule is designed to leverage technology, increase flexibility for busy students, and provide a variety of venues for interaction and engagement between students, their peers, and faculty.

  • Class offerings are designed to accommodate the needs of working adults, many of which are delivered in a flexible, hybrid format incorporating face-to-face and online instruction.
  • General education classes will typically be offered online or as a hybrid of online and on-campus activities.
  • Students will have access to a new, state-of-the-art computer lab, which is open during the week to students on the OC Bremerton campus.
Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Construct a philosophy of leadership to guide action
  • Identify intrapersonal and interpersonal skills necessary to lead with personal and relational competence
  • Design strategies to build and sustain an ethical organizational culture
  • Describe methodologies and tools to facilitate operational excellence
  • Utilize reflection and research skills to analyze problems and formulate solutions