BAS IS: How to Apply

Students with an IT-related technical associate degree can typically complete the Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Systems (BAS IS) program in two years with little or no additional preparation. Students entering the program are expected to already have a strong IT foundation.

The required program prerequisite courses or equivalents provide foundational knowledge that upper­ division BAS IS courses will build upon. Applicants with a technical associate degree will be prepared for upper division courses if they have completed prerequisite coursework or can demonstrate proficiency in comparable technical skills prior to entering the program.

As an open door institution, OC seeks to accommodate as many qualified students as possible. The entry requirements of the BAS IS Program establish minimum qualifications to provide maximum degree access and support student success in a bachelor's degree program.

Admissions Process

Students sitting behind computers in classroom
1Apply for Admission to OC
  • If you haven't already applied to Olympic College, complete the admissions steps.
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2Submit Official Transcripts
  • You do not need to submit an official OC transcript.
  • You will need to provide an official transcript for all college-level coursework completed outside of OC. Your application will not be reviewed until all official transcripts are received. 
  • Please submit a Transfer Evaluation Request Form to start the transfer credit review process. 
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3Prepare An Official Resume
  • Please see resume examples and tips on the OC Career Center page.
  • Federal resumes (e.g., USA Jobs) will not be accepted.
  • You will be required to upload a copy of your resume in the online application.  Acceptable file formats include MS Word or PDF.
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4Prepare Your Application Essay Questions
  • Describe your interest in Information Systems. Explain how your professional or technical background impacts your interest in the BAS IS Degree.
    • State your career goals related to Information Systems.
    • What strategies will you use to be a strong contributor to your cohort teams, even when conflict arises?
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  • You are required to submit two letters of recommendation.
    • Send this letter of recommendation link (right click, and copy) to two former or current supervisors or professors.
      • Please include your full name and student ID# when sending the link to your recommenders. They will need to supply this information in the recommendation form.
      • In using this link, you waive your right to inspect the content of the letter of recommendation.
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6Complete the Online BAS IS Application
  • Log in to using your OC email address and password
    • You must be logged in to OC's system to access the application. Please contact Professor Rich Becker if you are having difficulties.
  • Complete the online BAS IS program application
    • You must be logged in to with your OC credentials to open this link 
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7Pay Application Fee
  • Submit a $50 non-refundable application fee through ctcLink .
    • Detailed payment instructions will be included in the application.