Welcom to O.C.'s Club Page


Club Fair in Winter Quarter of 2014


Joining a club can make your college life brilliant and fun


  Some benfits of being a club member include:

~ Developing your talent

~ Improving your social skills

~ Having a chance to be a leader

~Make new friends

Do you want to start or join in a new club?

Contact Club Advisor or President via their email as follows. If you want to create a new club, feel free to stop by the ASOC Office in BSC 118. ASOC, Student Government is here for you.

Files for Club Activities

Club Charter (Start a new club)

Club Quarterly Update for the existed clubs

Fund Raising for Club

Fund Request for Club

Club Handbook (Details about clubs)

ASL Club (Every Wednesday at 11:00-12:00 in BSC 122)

It allows all levels of ASL students to interact and improve their sighning skills with one another. The club will implement and lead deaf events for ASL students and the public, as well

Club Advisor: Maril Elliott (Melliott@olympic.edu)

Club President: Kyra Horn (Kyrahorn@student.olympic.edu)

B.A.K.A (Brilliant Assassin Key Board Association)  Every Tuesday at 2:00-3:00 in BSC 122

The goal of this club is to expand and improve people’s gaming skills. Also members will have the opprotunity to meet new people who enjoy gaming and teach people new games (Ex: Pc, PS3, 360, Board Games, Card Games)

Club Advisor: Anjelica G. Roxas (Aroxas@olympic.edu)

Club President: Amberly Herrick (Amberlyherrick@student.olympic.edu)

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Club's purpose is to encourage perspective and current writers to pursue and expand their passion; by providing students with a place to meet and share their writing, as well as receive and provide feed back with peers. Also the goal is simply to be awesome.

Club Advisor: Sherman Ian

Club President: Logan Roth

O.C.B.C (Olympic College Bible Club/ Every Monday 3:00-4:00pm in BSC 122)

To provide an open and safe environment for Bible study. Biblical discussions on the OC campus and in the local community. To promote community awareness and Biblical outreach

Club Advisor: Barry Janusch (bjanusch@olympic.edu)

Club President: Whitney Channell (Whit.channell@gmail.com)

Doyle’s Dancers Club (Every Monday 7:00-8:00 in Fitness Building)

To engage the campus and the community in opportunities, to enhance the dance educational experience, Dance Club will enhance cultural, social and educational opportunities along with meeting people of different ages and background and share entertaining life experiences.

Club Advisor: Karen Forsythe (Kforsythe@olympic.edu)

Club President: Judy M Devore (Devore@wavecable.com)

Digital Film Club (Every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 at Theater in O.C )

To develop enrichment in the digital film program, and producing movies.

Club Advisor: Timothy Hagan (Thagan@olympic.edu)

Club President: Jennifer Thiele (Shanemiller@olympic.edy)

Engineering Club (Every Wednesday from 4:00-5:00 in BSC 122)

To gain hands on experience through a variety of engineering projects, gain knowledge of different fields of engineering, thus prepare future engineers for a career.

Club Advisor: Dr. Jeff Brown (Jjbrown@olympic.edu)

Club President: Katherine Clack (Katherineclack@student.olympic.edu)

Filipino American Student Association (F.A.S.A)

Our club is to educate and bring awareness of the Filipino history and culture to Olympic College Campus and its surrounding communities.

Club Advisor: Aileen Arsenio (Aarsenio@olympic.edu)

Club President: Dianne Hiquiana (Diannehiquiaa@student.olympic.edu)

International Students Club

Helping international students adjust to the country and the local culture is the main purpose, but we also give them the chance to share their culture.

Club Advisor: Hideko Lyle (Hiyle@olympic.edu)

Club President: Fiqqy Randolph (FiqqyRandolph@student.olympic.edu)

Hacky Sack Club (Every Thursday from 3:00-5:00 in front of ST Building)

The purpose of the club is to give students a nice little break from studying and have fun

Club Advisor: Mick Mackenzie (Mmackenzie@olympic.edu

Club President: Josiah Beaushaw (Josiahbeaushaw@student.olympic.edu)

Olympic College Photography Club

To promote interest in photography through educational and recreational photographic activities, offer opportunities for possible advancement in the photography field, and to generate or maintain interest in Olympic College photography related courses.

Club Advisor: Laurie Usher (Lusher@olympic.edu)

Club President: Edson London, Victoria Buckman (Victoriabuckman@student.olympic.edu)

Olympic College Climbing Club

To help students develop safe practices and techniques for rock climbing, prepare for competition in the Northwest Collegiate Climbing Circuit.

Club Advisor: Bradley Albro (Balbro2@olympic.edu)

Club President: Arvin Endino (ArvinEndino@student.olympic.edu)

Olympic College Clay Club
(Every Monday& Wednesday from 6:00-9:00pm/ Second Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm)

The purpose of the O.C Clay Club is to expand the experience and artistic opportunities of the O.C ceramics students, Olympic Colleges community and alumni. Also it gives clay lovers from the surrounding area an opprotunity to generate income for club activities; and increase visibility of and for the college program.

Club Advisor: Marie Weichman

Club President: Karen Mittet (Occlayclub@yahoo.com)

O.C.P.P (Olympic College Ping Pong Club/ Every Wednesday from 11:00-1:00 at Gym in BSC) 

O.C Ping Pong Club would like to have fun by playing ping pong with students that are interested in playing with our club. No matter how students are good at playing, they are always welcome to join in.

Club Advisor: Mike Kackenzie (Mmackenzie@olympic.edu)

Club President: TJ Torres (

Symbiosis Club

Get all people who are majoring, or interested or just like science together a chance to get together and learn. Members can share ideas and knowledge with others and also be a mentor for younger, curious minds.

Club Advisor: 

Club President: Ekaterina Berulava

Strategy Club (Every Friday from 3:00-4:00 at Cafeteria in BSC)

The Strategy club with focus on collectible card Games, such as the magic card game, Yughion and Munchkin Foo.

Club Advisor: Carol Russell (Crusell@olympic.edu)

Club President: Joseph S. Pedersen (Josephpersen@student.olympic.edu)

Testosterones / Estronotes Jazz Club (Every Friday from 1:00-3:00 in Music Building)

Experimenting with Acapella music outside of class. Open to all types of music for students.

Club Advisor: Teresa Eliason (Teliason@olympic.edu)

Club President: Ben landry (Benjaminlandry@student.olympic.edu)

The Up Movement

To inspire and motivate others to express themselves through their passions in life; while coming together to encourage community involvement and personal development.

Club Advisor: Anjelica G. Roxas (Aroxas@olympic.edu)

Club President: Janica Diloy (Janicadiloy@student.olympic.edu)

Ultimate Frisbee

To get students to be physically active while playing a fun game with their friends. To build your current frisbee talent, or to create a new one. Also to build your knowledge of the games you can play with a Frisbee

Club Advisor: Mike Mackenzie (Mmackenzie@olympic.edu)

Club President: Collin Declerk (Collindeclerk@student.olympic.edu)

Underpromted Pawns (Chess Club/ Every Friday from 3:00-4:00 at MCR in BSC)

An oasis for all chess players, passionate or casual, to learn, discuss, and play the Game of Kings 

Club Advisor: Larry Cleman

Club President: Stuart Scott (Stuarscott@student.olympic.edu)