Welcome to O.C.'s Club Page


Club Fair in Winter Quarter of 2014


Joining a club can make your college life brilliant and fun


  Some benfits of being a club member include:

~ Developing your talent

~ Improving your social skills

~ Having a chance to be a leader

~Make new friends

Do you want to start or join in a new club?

Contact Club Advisor or President via their email as follows. If you want to create a new club, feel free to stop by the ASOC Office in BSC 118. ASOC, Student Government is here for you.

Files for Club Activities

(Files out of date, Please contact the A.S.O.C VP of Student Affairs at lroth@olympic.edu for Charter and information on how to start clubs. Thank you!)

Club Charter (Start a new club)

Club Quarterly Update for the existed clubs

Fund Raising for Club

Fund Request for Club

Club Handbook (Details about clubs)