Admissions, Registration, & Graduation Appeals

Admissions, Registration and Graduation Appeals Committee (ARGAC)

The Admission, Registration and Graduation Appeals Committee (ARGAC) is advisory to the Dean of Enrollment Services and generally meets once each quarter. The ARGAC objective is to facilitate the decision-making process as it relates to uncertain requirements or unique circumstances in regard to student admission, registration and graduation.

Admission: to review all aspects for the admission of students to OC, its programs and courses, including the appeal of admission decisions.

Registration: to review problems related to student registration or enrollment in courses.

Graduation: to review situations regarding the waiver and/or substitution of specific graduation requirements for all degrees and certificates awarded by OC.


How to Appeal

To begin the process, a student submits a written petition to the Dean of Enrollment Services. The request should be specific and may include supportive documents or statements from appropriate people and sources. The student should consult with the Registration and Records Office regarding appropriate times to submit an appeal in any given quarter. The Dean of Enrollment Services will approve or deny the petition. If the petition is denied, the student has the option to request the petition be forwarded to the ARGAC for review. The ARGAC decision is final. (Note: Grade appeals follow a separate procedure.)

For more information about the original registration and records petition process see Petitioning for Exceptions page.