Safety & Security Resources & Reports

Welcome to the Campus Safety & Security Resources page. Safety & Security personnel are available at all campuses, and can be reached by calling 360-475-7800 or by using a call box for assistance.

You can view the location of a call box on campus by using this link to the interactive map of Olympic College. Along the top of the map, you can browse different campus locations. Along the left menu of the map, you can check the selection box for emergency phones, as well as other useful information.

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Annual Security Report & Crime Statistics

Access Clery Act Annual Security Reports, Drug-Free Schools & Community Act reports, and Crime & Fire Statistics.


  • Accident - Injury Form: Use this form if there is a personal accident or injury (not for vehicle collisions). No matter how insignificant the accident or injury might seem, it is best to always submit this form.
  • Witness Statement Form: Use this form to submit a statement to Campus Safety & Security Security. You can use this form to report any activity, concern, or complaint.
  • Room Access Request Form: Use this form to authorize access outside of regularly scheduled room use, except after Campus Hours of Operation. Approval determined by the Director of Campus Safety & Security.

Community Resources

PulsePoint is an application for your mobile device that empowers individuals with the ability to provide life-saving assistance to victims of Cardiac Arrest. There are two applications: PulsePoint Respond is ideal for persons who are CPR trained, although the application does include information for "CPR How-To" and "AED How-To." PulsePoint AED is a comprehensive registry of AEDs for use during emergencies.

Olympic College has provided photos and locations of the AED devices that are located on campus, which can be seen in both Respond and AED applications. The Respond application also shows the location of ongoing emergencies, including Residential Fires, Fire Alarms, Medical Emergencies, Fallen Wires, Traffic Incidents, and more. The Respond application synchronizes with the 911 call center, giving you near real-time information about ongoing emergencies.

Visit the websites for the Department of Emergency Management for KitsapMason, or Jefferson counties for emergency preparedness tips, road conditions, and more.


The Washington Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) is a confidential service for victims of a crime, or for concerned citizens, that will tell you whether an offender is in custody and can give you other important information.

You can be notified when a specific offender is released by leaving a phone number. Petitioners can get notification of when a protection order has been served by police, and get reminders of when a protection order is 90 days from expiration.  

This service is confidential, and you can register without the respondent's (offender's) knowledge. You may register online, or by calling 1-877-242-4055 where operators are available 24 hours a day to help. Notice: Do not rely solely on SAVIN for your safety. If you feel you are in danger, call 911.

Trespasser Notifications

This section lists individuals trespassed from Olympic College property for crime or conduct violations. If any member of the campus community has contact with trespassed individuals on any Olympic College property, please immediately notify Campus Safety & Security at 360-475-7800 with the trespassed individual's name, location, and description of their clothing and/or vehicle. Thank you for helping keep our campus safe.

  • [no current individuals listed]

Registered Sex Offenders

Registered Sex Offenders

Visit the Registered Sex Offenders & Reentry webpage for more information, including a list of Level II &  III students enrolled in classes. 

Registered Sex Offenders & Reentry