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Workforce Development

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Are you thinking about making major changes in a certificate or degree? Or are you thinking about development of a new certificate or degree? Then you may need to go through the new program development/revision process with Workforce Development as your guide! Here are some things you may not know:

  1. Certificates of 19 credits or less do not have to go through the new program development process, but they do have to go through the Instructional Policies Council review and approval process and be registered with the State Board of Community & Technical Colleges .
  2. Any certificate of 20 or more credits has to go through the new program development process. This includes making revisions to an existing certificate of recognition that changes the credits to 20 credits or more.
  3. If you revise an existing certificate so that the total credits change to 45 credits or more, you now must include communication, math and human relations content in the certificate.

Please take a few moments to review the Olympic College New Professional-Technical Program Development and/or Program Revision Process visual.

OC New Program Development & Revision Process