Strategic Planning

2010/13 Strategic Initiatives

Vision Statement

Our students are life-long learners in a global society.

To realize our vision, we will focus on student learning and success, promoting learning through accessible education, personalized service, adaptive and innovative teaching, and an ongoing commitment to academic excellence.

Initiative #1

Implement enrollment management and student achievement plans focusing on accessibility and student learning.

Vision Statement

Our employees are empowered to achieve the College mission.

To realize our vision, we will appreciate and value our employees, providing opportunities to enhance professional skills, encouraging learning and advancement, and prioritizing and sharing institutional resources.

Initiative #2

Reflect upon and account for our Olympic College Values in our daily operations and interactions.

Vision Statement

Our community recognizes the College as its cornerstone of learning.

To realize our vision, we will develop strong community partnerships and fulfill our role as a cultural center, enriching those we serve by creating relevant educational options and bringing a diverse array of activities to the region.

Initiative #3

Strengthen relationships with our communities to understand educational needs and provide learning opportunities relevant to those needs.