Data Definitions

Reported Data Definition

There are standard definitions for reported data.

  • Headcount – Student headcount is an "unduplicated" count of students. An unduplicated student headcount is the actual number of individual students enrolled. Students may be enrolled in one or more courses in a term, but they are counted only once for the term.
  • Student Enrollment -  Student enrollment is a „duplicated‟ student number. Student enrollment is the total course count (i.e., the number of students enrolled in the number of courses) not the actual number of individual students. Students may be enrolled in more than one course in a term and would therefore be counted in each course (i.e., counted twice or more) for the term. 
  • Full vs Part Time Student - A student who is enrolled full-time is taking 12 or more credits anything less is considered part time. 
  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE) –The total FTE for student funded (community service) MIS reportable courses for the student during the year and quarter. For summer quarter, this includes summer-self support credits. Summer self support can be identified using FEE_PAY_STATUS = 79 in the STUCLASS Table

    Source: Calculated during quarterly MIS reporting to SBCTC. For community colleges, FTES are based on credits (15 quarterly credits = 1.00 quarterly FTE). At technical colleges, FTES are based on contact hours (16.5 contact hours = 1.00 quarterly FTE).

Data Code Definitions