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Training & Development

Olympic College recognizes the importance of ongoing training, retraining, and professional development for all college personnel. Our objective is to make the most effective and economical use of employee resources to accomplish Olympic College's goals and to assist employees in accomplishing personal goals.

Olympic College currently offers many opportunities and resources for faculty and staff to continue their professional development.
Human Resource Services sponsors various orientations, compliance workshops, and supervisory trainings each year.

Training Schedule TBA

Each employee of the College has the responsibility of being informed of laws, policies and procedures so that we can prevent/eliminate harassment and discrimination.
If you have not participated in the Olympic College sponsored discrimination prevention training in the last two years, online training is now available. You can access the training anytime from any computer that has a web connection at the following link:


It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete the training. You do not have to complete the full course in a single setting, you can stop and resume where you left off at a later time. You will receive a printed certificate when you complete the training. Also HRS will receive a record of your completion.

A fabulous resource for self-selected professional development with a focus on the needs of teachers and trainers. It is an excellent resource for connecting faculty and staff with training needs to on-campus resources, and takes requests from individuals and groups for future program offerings. The Center can also assist existing development groups with their program plans by lending their expertise and advertising upcoming events. To reach The Center, call (360) 475-7326 or visit the Center website.

Certain employee groups offer professional development programs and have available funds for individuals. These groups are:

  • Faculty Professional Enrichment Committee (PEC)
  • Classified Staff Development Committee (CSDC)
  • Olympic College Administrative Association (OCAA)
  • Washington Public Employees Association (WPEA)

Employees should check with their budget administrator about funding for professional development.


Olympic College Employee Tuition Reimbursement

Olympic College will pay the cost of up to 5 credits for most individuals employed by the College. The course(s) must be related to the employee's professional development plan and be approved by the employee's supervisor. This tuition waiver applies to all full-time Classified, Administrative and Faculty staff as well as to all Adjunct Faculty teaching a 33% or more load for the quarter they wish to enroll and to part-time hourly staff averaging 75 hours of work a month. Forms can be found in the CSC on the 1st floor next to the Payroll Office, or from the Human Resource Services Office on the 5th floor. IT/Lab  and other fees still apply.

Space Available Tuition Waiver

Eligible Olympic College employees may have operating, services, and activities fees waived when enrolled in Olympic College's courses on a space-available basis subject to the following conditions:

  • No new course sections shall be created.
  • Enrollment information for employees shall be maintained separately and shall not be included in official reports or statistics that could affect budgetary determinations.
  • Any special or laboratory fees, will still apply.

Olympic College also offers release time and sabbatical leave for professional development purposes.