Olympic College Association for Higher Education

Revised November 2012
Revised January 2017


Section 1. Executive Board. The Executive Board shall meet regularly as deemed necessary.

Section 2. Representative Council. The Representative Council shall meet at least three times per quarter during the academic year. The Executive Board shall prepare the agenda for each meeting and shall circulate it to all members of the Council so that representatives have time to discuss it with their faculty members in advance of the Council meetings.

Section 3. Special Meetings. Special meetings of the Representative Council may be called by the President or upon written request to the Executive Board from five members of the Representative Council. Business to come before the special meeting must be stated in the call, which shall be sent in writing to each representative.

Section 4. General Membership. The Executive Board may arrange at least one meeting of the membership each quarter for discussion of professional issues.


A majority of the members shall be a quorum in the Representative Council, Executive Board, and committees. At general meetings, 20 percent of the general membership shall constitute a quorum.


Section 1. President. The President shall preside over meetings of the Executive Board, the Representative Council, and the general membership meetings; appoint the chairpersons and members of Association standing committees; appoint Association special committees; be ex-officio member of all Association standing committees; and shall be the executive officer of the Association. The President shall represent the Association before the public and shall perform all other functions usually attributed to this office. The President or designee shall be the official delegate to the WEA Higher Education Council. The President shall request volunteers for the various College committees whose faculty members are named by the Association. When more people volunteer than are needed, the President may either appoint the representatives to the committees, or cause the representatives to be elected.

Section 2. Vice President. The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the president and shall be responsible for conducting elections for representatives to the Representative Council; shall assist the President with Association correspondence; shall act as local agent for the State and National Associations and notify them of any changes in officers or other matters pertaining to the Association; shall audit a roll of the members; and shall organize and conduct unified recruitment; and shall be responsible for revenue raising activities.

Section 2A. Vice President for Adjunct Faculty. The Vice President for Adjunct Faculty shall be an adjunct and shall be elected by the full membership. The Vice President for Adjunct Faculty shall represent issues specific and unique to adjunct faculty and shall organize and assist the Vice President with recruitment.

Section 3. Secretary. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board, Representative Council, and General Meetings; shall be responsible for publishing and distributing the minutes to the OCAHE members within ten days of approval; shall maintain official files; and shall be responsible for an audit of the Association financial records in the fall quarter of each academic year.

Section 4. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall hold the funds of the Association and disburse them upon authorization by the Executive Board; dues to the State and National Association shall be forwarded from payroll deductions. The Treasurer shall keep accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements, shall report to each meeting of the Representative Council, and shall prepare an annual financial statement; and shall be responsible for revenue raising activities. The Treasurer shall draft a proposed annual budget for the Association.

Section 5. Chief Negotiator. The Chief Negotiator shall be a member in good standing in the Association and shall be appointed by the President. The Chief Negotiator will represent the faculty in negotiations with the Board of Trustees and will oversee the processing of grievances over violations of the working agreement. The Chief Negotiator shall choose members of the Association to serve on the negotiation team, such choices being subject to approval by the Representative Council.

Section 6. Terms and Succession.

A. The officers shall serve for two years and may be elected without an intervening term. The Chief Negotiator shall be appointed by the President. The appointment will be ratified by the Representative Council by a 2/3 majority of those voting.

B. The term of office shall begin and end in September.

C. In the event of vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice-President will assume responsibilities assigned to this office for the remainder of the term.

If more than one (l) year of the Vice-President's term is left, then a special election shall be held to elect a new Vice-President to serve the remaining term. If less than one (1) year, the Rep Council may appoint an interim Vice-President.

If vacancies occur in the offices of both President and Vice-President and the remainder of the terms are more than one (1) year, a special election shall be held to elect a new President and Vice-President to serve out the remaining terms. If less than one (1) year of the terms are left, the Representative Council shall appoint a President and Vice-President.


The Executive Board shall be responsible for the management of the Association, approve all expenditures, carry out policies established by the Representative Council, report its transactions and those of the Council to the members, suggest policies for consideration by the Council, and appoint representatives to organizations not otherwise specified in the BYLAWS.


Section 1. The Representative Council shall approve the budget, act on reports of committees, approve resolutions and other policy statements, and shall adopt procedures for implementing professional and ethical practices. It may adopt such rules governing the conduct of the Association and the conduct of meetings as are consistent with this CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS. Powers not delegated to the Executive Board, the Officers, or other groups in the Association shall be vested in the Representative Council.

Section 2. Upon a majority vote of the Representative Council, it may choose to relinquish the prerogative of determining a particular matter, policy or program and refer it to a vote of the total membership after providing the membership notice and information at least one week in advance of the voting.


Section 1. In each Instructional Division or area, AHE members shall elect their membership representatives to the Representative Council for a term of one year. Elections shall be held in September, and Representatives shall take their seats in the first meeting of the Representative Council in September.

Section 2. Representatives shall attend the regular meetings of the Representative Council. After three consecutive absences of a Representative, the President may declare the seat unfilled and call for an election to complete the term.

Section 3. Representatives shall meet with faculty members in their instructional Divisions and areas to discuss Association business, to encourage the enrollment of members, and to foster two-way communication between the Instructional Divisions and areas and the Rep. Council.


Section 1. Representatives to the WEA OLYMPIC REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL shall be elected at the time of the general election in the spring quarter.

Section 2. The representatives shall attend all WEA OLYMPIC REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL meetings and report all pertinent information to the President, Executive Board, and Representative Council. It shall become the responsibility of the representative to see that any action required by WEA OLYMPIC REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL be carried out and reported back to WEA OLYMPIC REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL.

Section 3. The representatives shall report to WEA OLYMPIC REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL any pertinent information from OCAHE.


Section 1. Membership and participation in WEAPAC is encouraged. A WEAPAC rep will be elected in the Spring Elections.

Section 2. The representative shall interact with WEA Olympic and Washinginton AHE reps, and report all pertinent information to the President, Executive Board, and Representative Council. It shall become the responsibility of the representative to see that any action required by WEAPAC be carried out and reported back to WEAPAC. The WEAPAC rep will be in charge of WEAPAC recruitment.

Section 3. The representative shall report to the WEAPAC reps any pertinent information from OCAHE.


Section 1. Structure. There shall be standing committees carrying the specific function outlined below.

Section 2. Reports. Chairmen shall report as necessary to the Representative council and shall prepare a written report as necessary summarizing objectives, action programs, gains, and unreached goals, which the Executive Board shall distribute to the members and which shall become a part of the continuing committee record in the Association files.

Section 3. Legislative Committee.

A. The Legislative Committee shall have broad concern for local, state, and national legislation affecting the interests of the Association and for exercise of civic responsibilities by members. It shall have special concern for the study of pending state legislation and the promotion of activities leading to the passage of desirable state legislation for community colleges. The committee shall be chaired by the WEAPAC representative who shall be elected by the AHE membership.

Section 4. Appointments.

Each year the President shall appoint or cause to be elected an Elections Committee, a Sabbatical Committee, a Faculty Awards Committee and such other special committees as may be necessary and shall discharge them upon completion of their duties. These committees shall operate according to rules approved by the Representative Council.


Section 1. Nominations. The active members of the Association in each instructional division and area, during the month of April, may nominate candidates for the offices to be filled, and representatives to WEA OLYMPIC REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL and WEAPAC. The chairman of the Elections Committee shall report all nominations to the Representative Council at a May meeting. Members of the Council may nominate other candidates from the floor.

Section 2. Balloting. During spring quarter, members shall vote for officers by ballot (paper or digital), in accordance with procedures developed by the Elections Committee. The Elections Committee shall report results to the President, who shall cause them to be published. New officers shall be installed at the September meeting of the Representative Council.

Section 3. Contract Ratifications Upon the conclusion of negotiations for a new contract led by the Chief Negotiator, the contract will be given to the members for a vote. To prepare members for a vote, information sessions will be held and the members will be given xxx contract days to review the proposed contract before voting concludes.


Removal from an elected position, as specified in these bylaws, shall be initiated by presentation to the Representative Council of a petition setting forth the reasons for such an action. Such reasons shall be consistent with those presented in the Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.

Initiation and presentation must be made by a member in good standing. Consideration of such a petition will only be given if it is accompanied by supporting signatures of a majority of the voting members of the OCAHE. Signatures must have been gathered within two weeks of presentation of such a document to the Representative Council.

Final action must take place within two weeks of the presentation to the Representative Council. Decision to declare a position vacant may only be accomplished by a two-thirds vote of the absolute number of individuals qualified to vote in the Representative Council. If such a vote be affirmative, the council will move to fill the vacated position.


The Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedures shall be the authority on questions of parliamentary procedure.


These BYLAWS may be amended by a majority vote at any regular meeting of the Representative Council provided that proposed amendments have been previously studied by the Executive Board and that copies have been sent to instructional division and area Representatives two calendar weeks in advance of the meeting.