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Employee Tuition and Fees Assistance

Space Available Tuition Waiver

OC employees may be eligible for tuition waivers of OC courses on a space-available basis. Eligible employees are permanent employees, employed 50% or greater with benefits.

Foundation's Funds for Excellence Program

The Foundation provides funding for professional development for OC faculty, classified, or administrative staff members through the Funds For Excellence grant program. There is an application process with specified deadlines. Each application is reviewed by the Funds For Excellence committee. After selections have been made by the committee, letters are sent to all who have applied regarding their selection status. A description of the grant program and link to the application can be found on the Foundation’s website.

CSDC Education Reimbursement

Qualifying classified staff may be reimbursed for education. The committee may authorize payment for tuition, fees, required books and other materials.  Qualified classified staff may also be reimbursed for conferences, workshops, and seminars.   See more information.