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College Council Open Forum

The College Council uses open forums to obtain feedback on policies recommended to the President’s Cabinet. The College Council considers all verbal and written feedback from open forums.

Open forums provide Olympic College students and employees with the opportunity to give direct feedback on draft policies to the College Council.

The College Council's open forums allow for a respectful environment to present structured feedback, and insightful, well-spoken comments. As such, please refrain from personal attacks (abusive ad hominem).

Open Forum Format

  • Call to order.
  • Introduction by forum facilitator. 
  • Present topic(s) that will be covered. 
  • Discuss how the open forum works.
  • Present draft policy to be discussed (policy text, FAQ items). 
  • Public testimony (each person is allowed 3 minutes to speak to allow for maximum participation of constituents).
  • Adjournment.

Written Feedback and Comments

Please refer to the Request for Consideration Form to submit an item to the College Council for consideration.

  • College Council members will collectively determine amendments, if any, needed to the policies and re-submit the policies to the President’s Cabinet for approval and implementation.
  • Written comments must be delivered to the College Council within two weeks of the scheduled open forum for consideration.

Upcoming Open Forums

There are no forums scheduled at this time. Email us at: CollegeCouncil@olympic.edu