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Writing Resources

OWL at Purdue

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue shares a library of resources and handouts for all things writing: current citation formats (APA and MLA); grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure exercises; business letter and resume’ tips; and resources for students studying English as a second language and Adult Basic Education.

Citation Machine

Son of Citation Machine is a tool for writers to use when citing sources.  Users select their documentation type (MLA, APA, etc.) and fill in form fields.  It automatically generates in-text and references for each source.  We recommend that you cross-check the citations with a current style guide (as found on “OWL” or “Bedford St. Martin’s”).

academictips.org - Visit this website for tips on APA, MLA, and other formatting lessons and examples. Our link to it is "under construction." Please try highlighting aademictips.org, then clicking it. You may need to type it into your own browser.

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