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Rules & Policies

Acceptable Use 

The Olympic College student network is a Washington State resource. It is for instructional purposes only . It is not for commercial use.


While in the labs, students should conduct themselves according to the student code of conduct. See the office of Student Services for questions pertaining to the code of conduct.

The labs are quiet study environments. Please keep the noise volume at library levels. We make an exception for Adaptive Technology students using the voice recognition applications located in Business 100.

Please respect the rights and property of others. Do not improperly access, misappropriate, or misuse any account or file.

Do not share your account. You are responsible for all activity on your account.

Configuring Systems

Do not move, reconfigure, or attempt to repair OC computers, printers, or peripherals. Do not install, reconfigure, or remove software on OC computers.

Do not attach any type of hardware to any OC computers, electrical or networking outlets. This includes: laptops, external storage devices such as hard drives or zip drives, cell phones, etc. The only exception is the use of USB Removable Flash Drives (ThumbDrives and JumpDrives). Olympic College cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to any device that has been installed or is using Olympic College resources without prior authorization.

Do not install software, firmware or plug-ins to the network or any workstation. If a required application is not available, please inform your instructor.

Food & Drinks

No food or drink is allowed in the labs.


Do not tamper with, copy, or hack network systems, software, or accounts.


Chat rooms, instant messengers (IRC, MOOs, MUDs, MUSHes, Yahoo Messenger (Y!), MSN, AIM, ICQ, etc.), and online games are not allowed. Ask a lab tech if you have questions.

Video/audio streaming or downloading video/audio clips is not allowed, as they use inordinate amounts of bandwidth.

Do not visit illicit or illegal websites , such as pornographic, hate, or hacking sites not related to research for classes. You must be able to prove that visiting such sites is class-related.


Do not intentionally infect any Olympic College system with a computer virus. If you suspect a machine is infected with a virus, contact the IT Help Desk at extension 7600. Network software is available to check and repair suspected files. Olympic College cannot guarantee the integrity of any repaired file. We reserve the right to delete any file from the network if it is infected with a virus.

Paper Usage

Limit print jobs to school-related tasks.  We use a print management system to track students' paper usage throughout the quarter.  Students receive 2500 points at the beginning of each quarter.  Pages cost  10 points per color page, and 5 points for black & white pages.  If students run out of points, they can purchase more at the Cashier's office.


Abusing or disregarding these rules and policies may result in removal from the premises, denial of computer access, or both. Violations that are covered by law may be subject to arrest, fine, and prosecution as state and federal law allows.