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Connecting to CIS2

Note: Before completing these steps, you will need to download the SSH Windows Client.


  1. Click on Start , then Programs , then SSH Secure Shell.
  2. Select the SSH Secure Shell Client icon.
  3. Click on the Quick Connect button.
  4. For the Host Name, type cis2.oc.ctc.edu.
  5. For the Username, type your username, where username is the same as your student network login. Faculty will use the word OFFICE in front of the username (e.g. OFFICE\jdoe).
  6. Ensure that the port number is set to 22.
  7. Authentication method should be set to "Password".  Your password is the same as your normal student/email login password.
  8. Click Connect.
  9. After clicking Connect , you will be prompted to enter your password. 

For further help and support, please contact the IT Help Desk at 360-475-7600.