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Re-enroll your child

Enrollment Procedures for SBCDC Private Paying Parents

  1. Prior to the start of each quarter, pick up and complete a SBCDC Registration Form (available at the Center’s Reception Desk).
  2. Submit the Registration Form to the Reception Desk. 
  3. You will receive an invoice reflecting the quarter’s charges either electronically as an e-mail message or in hard copy at the Reception Desk. At that time the OC Cashier’s Offices will receive a copy of your invoice.
  4. In order to guarantee your child’s place in the SBCDC for the quarter you must pay one third of your bill by the deadline to be announced.
  5. Families who miss the payment deadline may still be able to enroll their child for the quarter but their spot in our program will not be guaranteed after the missed deadline.
  6. All families must complete and submit the following forms before their child’s first day of enrollment:
    • Enrollment Form.
    • Emergency Care Form.
    • Parent Agreement.
    • USDA Income Eligibility/Enrollment Form.
    • New Immunization Form (if necessary).