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Enrollment Information

Eligibility for Child Care and Early Learning Classrooms

You are eligible to enroll your child, if your child is between the age of 12 months thru 5 years. The priority of enrollment is Olympic College students first, faculty and staff of Olympic College second, and in rare cases community members.

Eligibility for Head Start Classroom

  1. Families must be at or below the federal poverty level.
  2. Enrollment is first offered to four year olds of OC students.
  3. Income eligible Olympic College staff families have second priority.
  4. If there are an insufficient number of OC students and staff we will enroll from the community.

Make an appointment today to tour our facility and to discuss the options. Contact us at 360-475-7190.


See the cost and payment page for more information.

How to enroll

Contact the Sophia Bremer Child Development Center to find out more.

Space availability

Space is made available each quarter in the following order

  1. children who will be continuously enrolled
  2. families returning from a leave of absence
  3. children on the waiting list

Waiting list children will be accepted into the program in order of the date of application and as vacancies open that meet their scheduling needs.