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Reduce your wait time by printing your annual parking permit application!

Complete one of these forms and bring it to HSS 101 with your current vehicle registration, photo ID, and proof of payment.


Printable Student Parking Application
Printable Staff & Faculty Parking Application

My Citation <

Review the status of a parking citation, or contest (appeal) a parking ticket using the above link to "My Citation".


If you are using a computer on campus, you can check the Employee Assigned Parking Waitlist 

Staff and Faculty can use this link to opt-in or to opt-out of the Assigned Parking Waitlist, and to set their Parking Preferences


Parking Information (Check the Map

Drop-off & Turn-Around: (No parking)

  • Limit 15 minutes.  
  • Driver must remain with their vehicle.

Visitor Parking:

  • Limit 15 minutes without visitor's pass.  
  • Unlimited time with visitor's pass, expires at midnight.  
  • Students and Employees cannot use visitor's parking.

General Parking:  "G" lots. Requires one of the following;

  • Student Parking Sticker - Placed on the outside of the rear window, in the bottom passenger-side corner of the rear window.  
  • Temporary Student Parking Permit - Placed on Driver's side dash board
  • Visitor's Pass (non-students & non-employees only) - Placed on Driver's side dash board
  • Adjunct Faculty Parking Placard (Blue) - Placed on the rear view mirror, or driver's side dash board if you have no rear view mirror
  • General Employee Parking Placard (Green) - Placed on the rear view mirror, or driver's side dash board if you have no rear view mirror
  • Assigned Employee Parking Placard (Red) - Placed on the rear view mirror, or driver's side dash board if you have no rear view mirror.  If you have an assigned space, use General Parking only when your assigned space is not available.

Assigned Parking: "F" lots.  Numbered parking spaces require one of the following; 

  • Temporary Employee Parking Permit - Placed on Driver's side dash board
  • Assigned Employee Parking Placard (Red) - Valid for your assigned, numbered parking space.  Does not allow use of other numbered spaces.  Placed on Rear View Mirror or Driver's side dash board if you have no rear view mirror
  • Parking is assigned on a basis of employment seniority. Waitlist can only be checked while on campus, it is not available to external browsers. Check your waitlist status online

Carpool (RideShare) Parking:  

Electronic Car Charging Stations in the G-1 Lot

  • There are five stations available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • To register, go to www.blinknetwork.com.
  • After you register, you will receive a card. The chargers are activated by using the card and a pass code.
  • The card can also be used at other chargers at locations across the U.S. There is a map on www.blinknetwork.com that shows you where charging stations are and which ones are currently in use.

Every vehicle parked on campus is required to be properly credentialed.  This means they display a current visitor, student, or employee parking permit. 

Open Parking.  Permits are still required during open parking.  Open Parking allows people to use the assigned, numbered parking spaces in Faculty parking lots (F-lots) as if they were general parking (G-lots).  Open Parking is defined in OC Policy 200-16 as follows;

  • Between 4:00pm and 7:30am weekdays and all weekends and holidays; and
  • From the first day of Summer Session through August 31.


Every vehicle parked on Olympic College property must have a parking permit, except visitors who are parked for less than 15 minutes.  Security officers do check, and will document the time of visitor's parking arrivals.  

You need to bring all of the following to HSS room 101 between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday;

  • Student ID *
  • Your class schedule ("View your schedule" on OASIS)
  • Current vehicle registration ** 
* If you need to get your student ID card, you can get that while you are here if you bring a copy of your class schedule and valid state or government issued identification.
** If your vehicle has temporary license plates, you will recieve a Temporary Student Parking pass instead of a sticker for up to 1 month.

This allows for quick identification of properly-permitted vehicles.  Different placement of the sticker can result in a "no permit" citation, as the placement of the permit is part of the permit validation.

Parking permits are good for one academic year. 

The academic year begins Fall quarter, and ends Summer quarter.  

Permits need to be renewed at the beginning of every Fall quarter, or as soon as you start during the academic year.

You must first register with the Kitsap Transit Authority and get a Carpool permit (Kitsap Rideshare program); then you can park in carpool spaces without being ticketed.

Carpool registration at (360) 373-2877 or 1-800-501-Ride or apply online at  http://www.kitsaptransit.com/rider-resources/smart-commuter

Go online to Appeal My Parking Citation, and explain why you believe that your citation is in error.  Please be courteous, as the appeal is a professional communication.  

You are allowed 1 permit for each registered vehicle per academic year. We begin issuing new parking permits at the end of each Summer quarter.

Fines can result from parking without a permit to blocking traffic. For more information, go to the list of fines for parking violations page.