WA Career and VIE25 Pathways

Wa Career Paths


A Career Pathway lays out the education and training required that may lead to an expected employment outcomes for each level of achievement in a certain industry or occupation.


A graphic display with links to resources and information to help you find the program of study that fits your interests, skills, and values that meet your financial needs and goals, and provides the best job prospects and future career advancement opportunities possible.

VIE 25 Big

The VIE-25 program — which stands for Veterans Industry Education — connects service members with career credentials (training, certificates, certifications, licenses) during their last six months of military service so they qualify for in-demand jobs right away. The program is a unique collaboration between the community and technical college system, state agencies and the Installation Commands of JBLM and Naval Base Kitsap.


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Veterans Industry Education and Professional/Technical Roadmaps Print
VIE 25 - Top Industry Pathways PDF
VIE 25 - Accounting Technology PDF
VIE 25 - Business Management PDF
VIE 25 - Composites Manufacturing PDF
VIE 25 - Computer Information Systems PDF
VIE 25 - Digital Communications PDF
VIE 25 - Manufacturing Technology PDF
VIE 25 - Medical Assisting PDF
VIE 25 - Nursing PDF
VIE 25 - Organizational Leadership PDF
VIE 25 - Technical Design PDF


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