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How to Review Transfer Credit

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View your evaluation

Use Degree Audit to view how your credit has been transferred into Olympic College. Choose to run an audit based on the degree or certificate you are looking to achieve, or choose run an Associates of Art degree for a general transfer summary.

Note: Evaluations completed prior to 12/2011 are not available using Degree Audit. Students may obtain a copy of a completed evaluation from the Registration and Records office with photo ID.

  • Transferred coursed will be indicated with a “TR” notation next to the course.
  • Courses that have been transferred in and have Olympic College equivalent courses have been listed using Olympic College course numbers. If there is not an Olympic College equivalent, the following abbreviations have been used:

ENGL 901 ENGL& 101/ENGL 101
ENGL 902 ENGL& 102/ENGL 102
ENGL 903 ENGL& 235/ENGL 104
900-949 College Level, Distribution (no specific equivalent)
950-999 College Level, Distribution (labs, skills performance)
800-899 College Level, Restricted Elective

Using your transferred credits

Students may select/use up to a maximum of 70 transferred credits to apply toward an associate degree at OC. Semester credits have been converted to quarter credits.

Note: A maximum of 20 credits may be transferred from classes with grades between 1.9 and 1.0. Classes will be selected based on the highest of those grades. If students wish to transfer different classes, please contact the Credentials Evaluator (see below). Classes with grades below 1.0.do not transfer. ENGL& 101 (English Composition) must be a 2.0 grade or higher to be accepted as transfer credit.