Online Registration

How Does Tech Prep/Dual Credit Work?

  1. The K-12 instructors collaborate with local colleges to ensure that the courses are taught at the college level and articulate to the college program.
  2. Talk to your teacher, career/guidance counselor or Search For Tech Prep/Dual Credit Classes available at your school.
  3. Enroll online in a designated Dual-Credit/College Tech Prep class available at your school.
  4. Students who complete selected career and technical education courses at their school with a “B” grade or better can earn Olympic College credit. 
  5. At the end of the trimester, semester or year, remind your teacher to report your grade.
  6. Olympic College will then send you an unofficial transcript for the credits you earned! These credits are FREE to the students! Olympic College has waived the registration fee.

Additional Instructions:

  • If you have used the web registration before and you would like to register for another class, go to the --> Statewide Enrollment Reporting System (SERS) webpage and log in with your Tech Prep user ID or number and birthdate. Example: TP1-111-1111, 03/02/1986 to update your profile by creating a username and password. From this point on you will just login with your username and password that you created. If you don't know your Tech Prep ID number, call 360.475.7353 to receive it.
  • Be sure to login to the database and update your profile if you move, or have a new email or telephone number.