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Steps to Success

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Steps-to-Success (S2S) is a group of classes that helps college students achieve their goals and grow in their education. This program is made up of students and faculty that act as an in school support system to help expose all students to the resources and tools that aid in their academic success. S2S is designed to make the student feel more confident as they navigate through their individual academic plan here at OC

What is Steps to Success?
First and Second quarter cohort of courses designed to increase transition into college and increase student success and experience. Steps to Success courses are seminal to students’, self-management, motivation, knowledge and proficiency in technology, and soft skills.

Who is Steps to Success?
The following people have committed to enhancing student persistence through the S2S program:  Deans, Directors, Advisors, Counselors, Faculty (General Studies, CIS, Digital Literacy, Business Technology, Business Management, Organizational Leadership), Worker Retraining, BFET, EOC, Access Services, Title III, and Communications. 

Why Steps to Success?
Students must have these skills to be successful in college and the workplace. Whether a student attends OC for a quarter or to earn a certificate and/or degree, they must have these essentials to obtain and sustain employment.

Where is Steps to Success?
The goal is to support all 3 OC campuses, so S2S is tailored to the specific needs of each campus. Meetings are scheduled throughout the quarter, but most work is done in small groups and through email.

GENS 097---Canvas
GENS 101—Orientation to College
GENS 124—College Transitions   Essentials
GENS 131—Student Success Skills
GENS 141—Career and Transfer  Planning
CIS 100—Computer Literacy for Online  Learning
CIS 150— Survey of Computing
DIGL 101 —Introduction  to Online Learning W/Canvas 
BSTEC 110—Keyboarding
OLRM 220—Human Relations in the Workplace
BMGMT 170– Client and Customer Relations
LIBR 110—Internet Research Skills 


Check with your advisor to see if these classes are right for you!
Dates and Times courses are available can be found in The View and in the Class Schedule Planner. 

 General Meeting about the progress and future of Step to Success: Video (April 12, 2016) 

Relationship Event: Video 1 (June 10th, 2016)

Relationship Event: Video 2 (June 10th, 2016)

Visit us on Youtube  S2SChannel

The Relationships event put on by the S2S team members and Marwan Cameron was designed to help bring awareness to staff, faculty and students about Steps to Success, and the cohort of classes offered. It took place on June 10th, and was open to the public. There were student presenters, activities, food, and prizes that were available. This event was enjoyable and facilitated accordingly. It included a survey for all participants that was to help S2S gather data about people and their support systems.  This event’s purpose was to see how S2S can further help the students on their academic journey. S2S team members were delighted to put on the event and were satisfied with the turn out, and how smoothly the event played out.  

Data from the event