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Degrees and Certificates

OC's credit degrees and certificates will prepare you for a rewarding career - whether you are looking for direct employment or to complete your bachelor's degree.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Olympic College students can transfer to a four-year college or university to complete their bachelor’s degree or earn their degree right here. OC offers the following bachelor’s degrees:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor’s Degree Descriptions

Associate Degrees

  • Associate in Arts–Direct Transfer Agreement
  • Associate in General Studies
  • Associate of Science-Track 1
  • Associate of Science-Track 2
  • Associate in Technical Arts (Option 2)

Associate Degree Descriptions. 

Professional-Technical Certificates

These certificates are designed to provide entry into a technical or semi-professional occupation or additional training for those already working in a field but desiring advancement.

  • Certificate of Specialization (CS)
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CP)
  • Certificate of Completion (CC)
  • Certificate of Recognition (CR)

Professional Technical Certificate Descriptions.

Degree and Certificate Abbreviations:

AA Associate in Arts
AAS Associate in Applied Science
AAS-T Associate in Applied Science–Transfer
AS Associate of Science
ATA Associate in Technical Arts
BAS Bachelor of Applied Science
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
CC Certificate of Completion
CP Certificate of Proficiency
CR Certificate of Recognition
CS Certificate of Specialization