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Integrated Basic Education & Skills Training (I-BEST)

I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training) brings together workforce training and basic skills in English, reading and math to provide an opportunity for students to learn literacy and workplace skills at the same time.  Adult literacy and vocational instructors work together to develop and deliver instruction.

The training needed to advance in any career requres solid basic skills in English, reading and math as well as English language proficiency in order to compete in today's workplace. Jobs that need one year of college credit plus a credential are among those jobs in greatest demand.

Employers need skilled workers in order to stay competitive. The goal of I-BEST is to get students to the first economic tipping point - 45 college-level credits and a vocational certificate - getting them on the pathway to earning a living wage for themselves and their families.

I-BEST students have two instructors in each class: one professional-technical and one English language or basic skills instructor. Our students receive additional support for each professional technical course.

I-BEST students spend less time in school, demonstrate more skills gains, and have clear pathways from entry-level jobs to higher skills and better paying employment.

Olympic College offers the following I-BEST programs:

  • Nursing Assistant (Bremerton)
  • Electronics (Bremerton)
  • Manufacturing (Bremerton)
  • Composites (Bremerton)