Opportunity Grant

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Are Washington State residents
  • Have not obtained a college degree
  • Meet income guidelines
  • Are successfully passing their classes
  • Have applied for FAFSA
  • Are currently enrolled in an Opportunity Grant approved program of study
  • Are committed to completion

Eligible students may receive funds to cover tuition, mandatory fees, and books up to 45 credits.

Opportunity Grant Programs of Study

Please note, not all certificates and degrees within the following list, are eligible. Check with the Opportunity Grant office to inquire about specific programs of study.

Funding possible upon acceptance into the following programs:

Please use the links below to fill out an application. Make sure all information has been included and thoroughly answer the essay questions.

Income Guidelines
Online Application

This program has a 9 - 12 month long wait-list. If you meet the eligibility requirements you will be placed on the wait-list. Placement does not guarantee acceptance into the program. A review and interview process determines the final outcomes.