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Organizational Leadership and Technical Management: Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS OLTM)

The program is designed to enroll students with a range of professional technical associate degrees and a diverse set of work experiences and professional goals. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership and Technical Management is a practitioner-oriented, applied degree that will prepare students for leadership, management, and supervisory roles in private, public, and nonprofit organizations. The curriculum will address knowledge, skills, and abilities in areas such as leadership theory, supervisory communications, project and operations management, occupational safety, conflict resolution, change and diversity management, and business law.

Our 2017-2018 cohort is full. We welcome your application for the 2018-2019 cohort, beginning February 2018.

Program Contacts

Advisor / Program Contacts

Full Time Faculty
(360) 475-7382

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:

  1. Develop a philosophy of leadership and management to effect positive change through personal, organizational, and systems perspectives.
  2. Identify and assess intrapersonal and interpersonal skills necessary to lead with personal and relational competence.
  3. Communicate clearly, credibly, and appropriately in a variety of interpersonal and intercultural contexts.
  4. Design strategies that foster team building, promote problem solving, and optimize organizational resources.
  5. Apply legal, ethical, and policy-making principles and processes to make socially responsible, situationally-appropriate decisions in a variety of leadership situations.
  6. Analyze and evaluate qualitative and quantitative data to assess organizational performance and make informed decisions.
  7. Articulate the value of workplace diversity and develop inclusive strategies that maximize performance in a global marketplace.
  8. Identify the tools of quality control, process improvement, and occupational and environmental safety in order to develop a safe and efficient work environment.

Entrance Requirements:

__ 90 Credits total

An associate degree from a regionally accredited institution with an overall 2.5 GPA and a 2.00 GPA in each of the following courses:  

  • English&101
  • College Level Math
  • Humanities course from OC Associate degree distribution list
  • Social Science course from OC Associate degree distribution list

Business Statistics (listed below in required courses) - Prerequisite: MATH 099 within the last 6 years with a grade of 2.0 or above, or satisfactory placement test score.

Required & Prerequisite Courses