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Available Scholarships

The scholarship application cycle for the academic year 2017-2018 has begun! REGISTER & APPLY FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A MOPED!!!

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Scholarships are available for (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Students with financial need
  • Students with high academic achievement
  • Students intending to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree
  • Professional-technical students
  • Students intending to use their degree to get a second chance
  • Students demonstrating a commitment to community service
  • Students who are Native American
  • Female students intending to pursue a bachelor’s degree
  • Female students engaged in extra-curricular activities which promote health and fitness
  • Students studying automotive
  • Students studying accounting
  • Students studying business
  • Students studying culinary arts
  • Students studying education
  • Students intending to pursue environmentally related careers such as forestry
  • Students studying humanities, social science or fine arts
  • Students studying journalism
  • Students pursuing careers in mathematics, science, or engineering
  • Students studying music
  • Students pursuing a degree in nursing
  • Mason County residents, students studying at OC Shelton, and students connected with Mason County Grange or 4-H

Apply at www.thewashboard.org!  Deadlines for scholarships vary, but to be considered for all possible scholarships, students should complete their applications on www.thewashboard.org!

The process is easy! Simply:

  1. Visit http://www.thewashboard.org
  2. Choose the “For Seekers” portal
  3. Seeker Registration - Looking for a Scholarship
  4. Create a “Seeker Profile” by following the prompts to enter your personal information
  5. Complete any additional steps needed for specific scholarships

A personalized student account will be set up and available scholarship opportunities will be matched to you! You will see a list of all scholarships in the database for which you meet the minimum award criteria. Information can be saved to your student account, so you can log in and complete applications, see new opportunities, and track your progress.

Tips for successfully finding and applying for Olympic College Foundation scholarships:

  • Under the “my academic info” tab of your student profile, be sure to select Olympic College as a school you are considering attending.
  • All OCF scholarship opportunities start with the words, “OLYMPIC COLLEGE,” – sort your matches by scholarship name to see them all.
  • Pay close attention to ALL of the eligibility requirements and ANSWER EVERY QUESTION as completely as possible.
  • Make sure to upload your unofficial transcript for EVERY APPLICATION you submit.
  • Complete your answers to your questions in word processing software and then cut and paste them into your profile - this will avoid the risk that the system will log you out without the ability to save your answers, and will also give you the chance to use spell check to proofread your answers.

Ready to start looking for scholarships to Olympic College?
Click on this link: www.thewashboard.org