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The anniversary date is the date that employment starts at Olympic College. That anniversary date will remain the same as long as the employee is on the payroll system. After separations of 18 months or longer, the employee will be purged from the system. The hiring procedure will start all over once the employee is purged if rehired. Hourly employees are rehired, re-appointed and may work more than one job within one school year. Whether or not he/she remains in the same department or is rehired starting a new date, the anniversary date (original start date) does not change.

An employee hired to work because of a workload peak, special project, or cyclic workload is considered a temporary employee. Employment is temporary and can be terminated at any time by the supervisor. Employment will also end if at any point hours reach 1050 hours within twelve months of the anniversary date. When hired as a temporary employee, the Personnel Action Form will state the start and stop date of employment. These employees are hired on an as-needed basis, are exempt from Washington Personnel Resource Board (WRPB) rules and regulations. Normally their hours are limited to 18 hours per week. Whether employment is for two months or twelve months, the position is temporary.

Each month supervisors should review how many hours their employees have worked for the year (within their anniversary date). These hours must not exceed 1050 hours per year. Employees can also check with the Human Resource Services if they do not have access to their employee's hours. All hourly and regular student employment, excluding Federal Work Student (FWS) hours; must be combined to track the 1050 hours.

Part-time hourly employees can work no more than 1050 hours per year from the anniversary date of hire. Exception - for periods of less than 180 calendar days (6 months) approved by the Human Resource Director. Part-time hourly employees may work up to 1050 hours in one position or a combination of positions on campus in a twelve month period. The positions that count toward 1050 hours are hourly positions and Regular Student position. Federal Work Study positions and Adjunct Faculty positions are not counted in the 1050 hours. Anyone with 1050 hours within twelve months of their anniversary date (the original date of hire), will not be allowed to work again until the day after their anniversary date. Being hired is not a guarantee of working 1050 hours.