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Benefits & Non-Benefits

There are no insurance benefits paid for part-time hourly positions other than the hourly wage. The positions are exempt from Bargaining Units and WAC Chapter 251 (Higher Ed Personnel Unit) rules.

Student, Staff and Faculty Activity Cards are available to part-time hourly employees. The activity passes are available in the Bremer Student Center from Student Activities and provides all the privileges of students except for free bus service .

Labor & Industry (L&I) Claims
When an accident occurs to a staff member on campus, Campus Safety (ext. 4595) is to be notified. An Accident Report from (available from Campus Safety) is completed and forwarded to Campus Safety for appropriate investigation and distribution. If professional medical care is needed, the attending physician completes a state accident report and forward to the department of Labor & Industry. Labor & Industry returns copy to Human Resource for verification .

Part-time hourly employees do not accrue leave, nor do they receive medical and dental benefits.

There is no designated parking area for part-time hourly employees. On-the-street park.ng is available. All campus parking lots are designated as assigned spots. Parking lots are monitored by parking attendants and violators are subject to having their vehicles towed.

Employees interested in tax-deferred annuity Programs may enroll through the Human Resource Office. A current listing of available annuity Programs may be obtained from Payroll or Human Resource Services.

Hourly employees become eligible for retirement benefits when they work five (5) or more months of at least 70 hours during any 12 month period. (These retirement benefits include the hourly and adjunct faculty positions hours combined.) Employees who work 87 hours per month or more in any 6 consecutive months, are eligible for Medical/Dental, Life Insurance, and LTD benefits. Must have prior Human Resource approval.

Olympic College has only one retirement program available. Washington State Public Employees' Retirement System Plan II. An Employee must become a member of PERS II upon qualification (after working five months of at least 70 hours during a 12 month period.) If you are a member of PERS I, you will remain there; Provided you have not withdrawn funds. Washington State Public Employees' Retirements will make that determination.

  • Plan I - Employees who became members prior to October 1, 1977, contribute 6% of their salary to the pension fund. Currently, the State contributes 7.5% of your salary to the fund.
  • Plan II - Employees who became members on or after October 1, 1977, contribute 4.65% of their salary to the pension fund. The State currently contributes 7.5% of your salary to the fund.

Classified employees who separate from service may request the return of their retirement contributions (not including the employer contributions), plus interest by applying to the Washington State Public Employees Retirement System., Request for Withdrawal of Savings forms are available from Human Resources Services.