Date Grades Available

Every quarter, grades are available approximately three to five days after the last day of any quarter. See the Academic Calendar for exact dates.

Accessing Grades

Quarterly grades and unofficial transcript can be accessed using OASIS. Grades will not be mailed. (See also transcript information.)

Grade Not Reported

If it is after the date grades are available, allow one week after available date.  Grades submitted late are entered as we receive them. If it has been more than one week after grades are available, contact the instructor or Registration and Records.  If your instructor does not appear under the OC directory, contact the appropriate office of instruction.

Audit or Pass/No Credit Grades

See how to take a class as an audit or for pass/no credit, and information on what these grades mean.

Academic Progress

See information on academic deficiency and probation.

Grade Translations

Look at conversion for decimal grades to letter grades and other grades defined.

Grade Changes

Find out about grade changes, grade forgiveness, and repeated classes.


Find out about how you qualify for designated honors.

Grade Appeals

If you don't agree with the grade you received, see grade appeal process.