Grade Change

A grade may be changed only by the instructor, and is time limited to the next quarter (excluding summer quarter) after the grade has been officially tendered to the student. The procedure does not apply to "I" grades.

Although grades are not removed from a transcript, former Olympic College students who have not been in full-time attendance at any college for the preceding two or more years may petition to amend the GPA. Students may petition once they have successfully completed, with a 2.0 or higher, at least 12 quarter hours at Olympic College.

To request grade forgiveness, submit a written request to the Dean of Enrollment Services/Registrar, asking that grade forgiveness be considered, and specifying a "cutoff" date. If the request is approved, a "cutoff" line will be drawn across the transcript and the notation made that grades recorded prior to the date established bey the line will not be used in computing the GPA. For graduation purposes, students may use credits completed prior to the selected date. the request must specify the desired credits and courses to be retained. Grade forgiveness may not be used to qualify for an honors designation. Caution: For purposes of transfer, other educational institutions may not recognize the Olympic College grade forgiveness policy.

A student may repeat a course up to two times (that is, a student may take the same course a maximum of three times). If a grade of 2.0 or a designated grade required as a prerequisite to another course is not achieved after three tries, the student may request an opportunity to repeat again by submitting written rationale and an unofficial transcript to a full-time professor in the subject. Credits can only be earned once, and the highest grade awarded is the final grade. Exception: When courses are designed to be taken more than once, the maximum amount of credit which can be earned is stated in the course description.