Student Identification Number (SID)

is assigned by Olympic College (XXXXXXXXX).

  • Continuing and former students: Your SID is not your social security number. Find your SID.
  • New students: To get an SID, apply online or in person at the Admissions office.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Every student has two PINs.

  • Your global PIN is your birth date (unless you change it) and is used for all functions except registration or waitlist. Enter it in MMDDYY format without a leading zero (ie: Jan. 7, 1985 = 10785).
  • Your quarterly registration PIN is used for registration and wait list only. This PIN changes each quarter until you reach 15 credits on your OC transcript. Once you have 15 credits, your registration PIN matches your global PIN. See advising requirement for more information.

Exception: Running Start and International students get their registration PIN from their advisor each quarter.

How to Log In to Register

  • Continuing students register online. Your PIN is your birth date (entered as MMDDYY) unless you are required to meet with an advisor or you changed your PIN.
  • Former students: Contact Registration to be assigned a registration PIN. Call 360-475-7200 or 1-800-259-6718 ext. 7200
  • New students apply online then contact our Advising Center. See Getting Started for details.

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