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OASIS Web Payment

Accepted Credit Card Types

OC accepts VISA and MasterCard.

How to Pay Online

  1. Use Web OASIS.
  2. Enter your Student ID Number and Global PIN  > Click Get Charges button
  3. Enter information as indicated > Click Charge My Credit Card button
  4. IMPORTANT – Do not click on Charge My Credit Card multiple times. Multiple clicks may result in multiple charges. It may take one or two minutes to process.
  5. A confirmation screen should appear displaying your charge total and confirmation number. Write down or print your confirmation number. IMPORTANT -  If the confirmation screen does not appear, your transaction has not been processed. Try again or contact the Cashier’s Office for help.

Remove an Account Block

Blocks are not automatically removed upon payment. To remove a block:

  1. Make payment online or with the Cashier
  2. Contact the Cashier to remove the block.

Check Amount Due

  1. Use Web OASIS
  2. Enter your Student ID Number and Global PIN > Click Get Charges button
  3. One of the following messages will appear:
    • Outstanding charges*: Your total payment due is displayed on the Credit Card Authorization form.*
    • No outstanding charges*: The message "Zero Balance Due" is displayed.
    • Credit due*: "Credit Balance Due" is displayed. See refunds for more information.

* Note: The outstanding charges associated with the specific quarter you selected.

Partial or Selected Payments

Partial or selected payments are not accepted using OASIS. Pay by phone or in person to the Cashier’s Office.

Common Problems

  • Did you try during the hours OASIS is available? See the OASIS hours.
  • Are you using an accepted credit card type? OC accepted types above.

Payment Information

See information including deadlines, payment plans and tuition costs.

Additional Help

Contact the Cashier’s Office with additional questions.
Cashier’s Office
360-475-7181 or 1-800