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Meeting Prerequisites

Where to find prerequisite requirements

Course prerequisite requirements are found using the Class Schedule Planner. Find the class and click on the "details" button. Prerequisites are also found in the in the current OC Catalog.

Meet prerequisites by:

Completion at OC

Complete prerequisite requirement courses at OC. View your transcript to view your completed classes. See a conversion table for recent course ID changes.

Assessment and placement

Used for math and English requirements. See Assessment and Placement information.

For Science, Engineering and Math placement only, please go to the SEM Prerequisites and click on "PREREQUISITE REVIEW". 

Transfer credits

Use transcripts from other institutions for transfer to OC or special permission. See how to transfer credits to OC.

Signed permission or Course Entry Code

See an appropriate instructor or advisor for special permission. If permission is granted, use the instructor signature portion on the registration form or ask for a course entry code. For contact information, see a directory. If the instructor is not listed, contact the appropriate division office.

Override a Prerequisite Block on OASIS online (Course Entry Code)

  • Obtain a Course Entry Code from the appropriate instructor or advisor
  • Choose "Register or add/drop a class"
  • Log in and enter the item number of the desired class.
  • Click on Submit Add/Drop.
  • A message will appear asking you to enter the Course Entry Code.
  • Enter the course entry code. (To get a code, see the "Meet prerequisites by" section above.)
  • Your schedule will appear listing the new class if your registration was successful.